Phils Philosophy

Easy. Cosy. Cool. Easy. Cozy. Cool. Only three words but a very special feeling. It is both our vision and mission.

With PhilsPlace, we have created a refuge for all those who want to live between the city and the country. Even better: it’s for those who want to live somewhere between these contrasts. Between hard work and sweet free time. Between one appointment and the next. Between a business trip and a vacation.

We love contrasts. Stylistically, we work with black and white, we accommodate short-term and long-term guests, and we offer services from “sleep only” to full use of all the offers of our vertical village.


Book an apartment, check in, add on services: tasks that shouldn’t take longer than absolutely necessary.

We make sure that all the processes our guests go through are easy. If they aren’t easy enough, we will improve them. This is so that our guests have more time for the enjoyable aspects of their trip. For stretching out their legs in front of the TV. Or for enjoying a cool drink on our terrace.


When it comes to the interior of PhilsPlace, there are two important aspects: design and comfort.

This is comfort and coziness that you will feel as soon as you enter our mini lofts. We have selected our materials with great love and attention to detail: we use high-quality craftsman furniture, Corian surfaces, Bisazza tiles, and the best care products. In addition, our guests have the opportunity to personalize their apartment: from pictures to plants, we have several lovely items with which you can spruce up your apartment.


Coolness is a permanent guest at PhilsPlace, and it gets along quite well with its neighbor, simplicity. What we find really cool are the small things.

Simply check in at the kiosk outside of reception hours. Use Netflix or plug in the Amazon stick so you won’t miss out on your favorite shows. Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the view of the Schneeberg. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter if you stay only two nights or half a year with us –
what matters is that our guests wake up with a good feeling each day
and spend time here that can only be described as easy, cozy, and cool.

Yours PhilsPlace team

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