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PhilsPlace: Comprehensive measures
& safety precautions

All our employees have been extensively trained in hospitality hygiene measures matching the current situation. All public areas are equipped with hand sanitizers. Hand railings, door knobs, lift buttons and all metal surfaces are disinfected regularly. All employees who are in direct contact with guests are wearing mouth-nose protection. Our bed linen and towels are cleaned according to certified hygiene standards. Our flexible rates permit even short-term cancellations. Our front desk has been equipped with glass protection to provide more safety for all parties. Our guests can reach us around the clock, 365 days a year: Phone: +43 1 361 62 00.

Safe Check-In & Check-Out: Contactless, carefree farewell & digital payment (debit or credit card). Highly effective, disinfecting cleaning products are used in our rooms. All apartments are supplied with fresh air automatically and are air-conditioned. Furthermore our windows can be opened for ventilation. All measurements described above will be adapted to the current circumstances and legal requirements. Depending on the date of arrival additional or alternated provisions may apply.

We may accommodate guests until further notice
with the following reasons to travel:

✔ persons who are already in accommodation at the time this provision comes into force, for the duration of accommodation agreed in advance with the accommodation provider,

✔ for the purpose of looking after and providing assistance to people in need of support,

✔ for professional reasons,

✔ for training purposes of legally recognized institutions,

✔ to satisfy an urgent need for housing,

✔ by spa guests and accompanying persons in a spa facility,

✔ by pupils for the purpose of attending school and students for study purposes.


After your booking, please send us proof to We are looking forward to welcome you. 


Without your communication to the contrary, we assume that you agree with the officially allowed reasons to travel.

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